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Happy New Year, Stamp Design Winner and Save 15% off 2021 Dater Stamps!

We would like to send you a warm welcome to 2021 and trust you had a deserving Christmas and New Year. The Self-Inking Stamps team are back to work on the Thursday 14th Jan. For now its no problem to place orders from our website and expect delivery from next week onwards. Best regards from Trent and Antoinette Wadham. Stamp of the month goes to […]

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Rubber Stamp Design Winner and Save 15% off 2021 Dater Stamps

Quite a character this one. Janet asked for a stamp to use in clay. Sure thing. She really loves this small custom hand stamp. She also asked if we could make a larger one to stamp into clay for Christmas ornaments. Wow yeah we could do that too. There were two stamps made one in thick rubber which was small and a larger one we […]

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Rubber Stamp Design Winner and Save 15% off Personalised Christmas Rubber Stamps

This month we went for one that stood out, but with a twist. We make a lot of certification stamps and AML stamps. Just about all of them are just text. However Megan wanted something a bit different. Congratulations to Megan from Ilminster School for stepping outside of the box and having a great personalised self-inking stamp. For this stamp we took the school logo […]

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