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quality laser cutting services

Laser Engraving and Cutting Auckland Service by Self-Inking Stamps Ltd

We bought a new Laser Engraving machine for our Laser Engraving and Cutting Auckland Service. After 2020 events, we expanded our capacity. Self-Inking Stamps Ltd has been laser cutting and laser engraving for over a decade now. The bulk of the work has been for rubber stamp production. However parallel with that in a smaller way other work associated with a laser machine has been […]

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metal machine tags engraving

Metal machine tags engraving made to last, order online today!

One of our customers needed to replace their metal machine tags. We were able to quickly provide the best solution. What was the problem the customer needed solving? Client on phone: Do you make machine tags? I have this milling machine I am restoring, and the machine tags are worn, and I can hardy read them. Can you make new machine tags for me? The […]

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