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Business logo Shiny S829 is the October Stamp of The Month!

self inking stamp shiny s829 montfoort.co.nz

Congratulations to MONTFOORT who won the Stamp of the Month!  We love their business logo its nice and simple! This business logo stamp is really effective on paper it just stands out proudly! A big thank you to Eloise van Wynbergen the Head Stroopwafeler at MONTFOORT 🙂

The self-inking business logo stamp we used is the Shiny S829

shiny s829 64 x 40 mm

Self Inking business logo Shiny S829

  • imprint size up to 40x64mm (rectangle)
  • replaceable ink pads S829-7
  • available ink pad color, blue, black, red, green, violet and dry
  • Clean, intuitive ink cartridge change without touching the ink – for clean fingers
  • Recommended number of lines :7-8

The Shiny S829 is great for general office use and address stamps.

This is one of the largest sellers in the Shiny Printer range of stamps.  There are both larger and smaller stamps in this range.

What about something different in the same size?


Want to get noticed?  Trodat multi-colour stamps can help you.

The Trodat 4927 60 x 40mm stamp is available as a multi-colour stamp. This is called the Trodat MCI 4927.  Try it here!

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