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Noris Biodegradable Stamp Ink 30ml #109 Blue

$15.43 GST Exc. $13.42

  • 30ml
  • Blue
  • Biodegradable endorsing ink
  • Suitable for hand stamp or self-inker
  • Suitable for porous paper or cardboard
  • Drying time: 10 seconds
  • 96% degradation at 21 days
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This biodegradable stamp ink is from Noris of Germany.

Noris-Color GmbH is a family owned company based in Germany and has been producing and developing various inks since 1892. Company Noris-Color GmbH is focused on fast and high competent service and offers highest quality products.

Tested by Eurofins Biolab S.r.l. for biodegradability.

If you need organic ink or are working under specifications where your products need to be compostable this ink is the one for you.

For use in stamp ink pads.  Suitable for self-inking stamps or traditional stamp pads.

How to add your biodegradable stamp ink to your stamp pad.

The ink pad would come to you dry, no ink in it. Then when you need to do your stamp marking add the ink to the ink pad.

The biodegradable stamp ink bottle has a nozzle in the end for you to place drops of ink on the pad.

For the first time just place dabs/puddles of ink a little space apart across the entire area.  Then let it settle and disperse in the pad.  This might be 10 minutes or so.  If the colour across the surface is even then pop the pad in the stamp and test it on some spare paper.  If the stamped image is dark and even in colour it is good to go.  Also we find if you press the nozzle of the bottle gently in to the surface of the pad and create a slight dent in the surface the area around the nozzle will look wet, once the nozzle is taken off it will look like the rest of the surface this is enough ink.

If not just add a little more to the pad.  The fuller the pad is the less ink needs to be added at a time.

Then wait for a little while and test again.

When you are satisfied the biodegradable stamp ink pad is ready to use.

Contact us and ask for the 10 page report for this product.


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