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Order laser engraved office signs and machine tags for your business

custom made metal office signs

High quality laser engraved office signs. For this Blog post we are talking about small and permanent office signs. Other laser engraved signs can include engraved labels, machine tags, machine labels, circuit board labels and even data plates. These laser engraved signs are made from a special two-layer acrylic based plastic.

They are laser engraved and cut to any shape and size you like. However maximum size is 800 x 500mm. The marking is permanent as it is cut through the first very thin layer of plastic and into the backing colour. This gives a two-colour sign.

There are many different types of applications for this sort of business signage. Here is a list of the places they can be used:

  • Machine Tags
  • Circuit board signs
  • Valve tags
  • Warning signs
  • Directions signs
  • Safety signs
  • Door signs
  • Room signs
  • Reception signs
  • Directions for operation of machines
  • Branding of products
  • Control panels
  • Name badges
  • Wedding personalisation
  • Art
  • Coasters
  • Shop signs
  • Key rings
  • Industrial labels
  • Warning notices

You can order laser engraved office signs in lots of different colours.

The laminate sheets come in lots of colours. From gold, silver, black, white, blue, green and yellow there is a colour for you. To create the sign our laser engraving machine cuts away the top surface colour layer and exposes behind the backing layer. That engraved area has a very fine crosshatch pattern to it. It is not a shiny surface.

The depth is very shallow just enough to change the colour. There is a small tactile feel to the surface. Then the area required is cut right through the sheet to the shape you require. The laser can also cut the holes for the fixings if it is to be riveted, screwed or otherwise mechanically fixed. Generally, these signs are made from 1.6mm thick material.

There is a 0.8mm version which can be curved around objects or thicker 3mm very rigid ones. There are different grades for interior or exterior use. Selecting the appropriate one for your application is important if the sign is to go outside. There are various suppliers of this material which gives some extra choices outside of the most common colours.

As an alternative there is wood if you are looking for a different style of display. Here we use plywood for strength and have 3mm thick ply in a few different wood species to choose from. These items can only go as large as 600 x 300mm for most of them.

By choosing the main facing colour and then back colour of the engraved part a machine tag can be used to appropriately display the necessary message.

If you look at the edge of the label the back colour is what you see.

The laminate material used to be known as limacoid however this has changed and the range of specific products for laser production has increased. There are generally around 12 colour combinations readily available. We do have access to more in Australia should your timeline and budget allow for some specialisation.

Laser engraved office sign sizes.

There is no standard size. That is the whole purpose of custom signs. As mentioned up to 800 x 500mm of laminate is possible on our machine at one time. Anything from as small as a couple of millimetres up to that maximum size can be produced. ANY shape is possible. Most of these items like machine tags are square or rectangular.

However, any shape can be cut from circles, square, rectangular, star, polygons, speech bubbles, wavy edges the lot can be done. If it can be graphically designed and a cut line put on it then the laser can cut it. Any shape can have the corners rounded as well. If the plate area needs to fit over or around something then shapes can be cut out of the middle, or side, it is completely flexible as to where any cutting is done.

Fixing of the tags, labels, or signs.

There are many ways to fix these little signs, tags, or labels to where they are required. This does need to be considered when ordering as the machine can do some of your work for you before you even receive the item in the courier delivery.

If you are going to mechanically fix the label you can tell us the diameter of the hole required and where they are to go, and we can cut them out at the time of production. This will save you time when it comes time to put the sign up.

If the sign is to be suspended off string to hang on a wall the holes could be placed ready for you to put the string through and included in the position of the details in the sign without blocking anything.

Using a cable tie might require a slot to be cut in the appropriate place.

Another method of fixing the sign is adhesive. You can request a double-sided adhesive tape be fixed to the rear of the sign, so you just peel and stick it to its final position. We have some options available. We regularly use this for award labels.

What can be displayed on your sign.

What is engraved in the laminate is up to you. This can be text and or images. For warning signs this might be big bold text or symbols. This might use a bright colour like yellow with black text.

Machine tags or circuit board signs might use a lot of text and borders or boxes with information in them specific to what they do. Quite often these are either white back and black text or the other way around with black background and the white text.

Direction signs might have arrows and some text. These could be any colour really including silver with black text.

Then there are the business signs where the image is all about the logo of your company. No, we cannot match your logo colours. Unless you feel rich and have plenty of time up your sleeve for a special batch to be manufactured at a minimum volume overseas and imported.

How are these laser engraved office signs priced?

There is a combination of factors considered when quoting for these signs. The material chosen, amount of material used, the laser machine time to engrave, labour and administrative expenses.

To give you a quote there are few items we need to calculate from what was mentioned above. Most importantly is size and engraving time. If we must do a lot of graphic design to create the instructions for the laser machine this can also increase the cost.

How long does it take get my sign?

Generally, this takes 3 days to a week to produce. This can vary depending on our workload and you supplying all the information we need. Each time there is a back and forth this adds a day. Also, if material is in stock or must be ordered in this can vary the timeline. We generally receive the information required on your sign. The next day you get our reply with a working proof to check and the quote.

Once we receive your acceptance it goes into the work queue to be processed. Payment is requested. Once completed and payment received it is on the next courier pick up. Courier is generally next working day for all the urban areas. Rural delivery allows a little extra time. Using our product on the website to obtain a quote we have a range of questions in there to help us understand your requirements.

By filling in the details we can produce the sign you need.

These are important details to get correct for your sign and are essential to give an accurate price without a big financial surprise at the end.

The items we need are:

  • The size of the sign, label, tag or whatever you would like to call it. This is extremely important as it affects the material usage and the time the laser will need to operate.
  • Corner shape. Here the final look of your sign can be adjusted to have crisp square corner or smooth that off. If you want something funky describe that to us.
  • Most importantly we need to know what you need in the sign. If it is text, copy and paste it so there is less chance of mistakes and less graphic design time retyping it. Tell us the fonts used. Or even attach a document with all the details. The position of the details and amount of engraving will affect the engraving time. For a file attachment quality is important, if you have a vector image that is perfect for what we need. A pixel-based image if low quality like a screen shot or word doc can look extremely ugly when blown up in size for a sign.
  • The laminate colours. There is a selection of laminate colours to choose from. If you need something different let us know and we can see if we can get that for you.
  • Then there is a comment box which you can go to town describing what you need.
  • With all of that we can get to work and do the calculation and produce a proof sheet to check before production.

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