Engraving of Acer Chrome Book Laptop


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Self-Inking Stamps have offered Huapai District School a service to parents who are buying the new Chromebook computers for their children to permanently mark them with laser engraving.

The price is $20.00 for one side and $30.00 for two sides.


This one is for the Acer Chromebook we have developed a template for.


This involves the use of a laser engraver to neatly, accurately and permanently engrave the Chromebook.  The darker grey centre area of the drawing is where we can engrave.  We cannot do the edges outside this zone.


We have just completed one for a pupil and it looks terrific as in the pictures above.


The laser cuts away the surface leaving the plastic below exposed, there is no colouring in the process.  The Acer Chromebook has a dull black colour below the Shiny Black surface paint and that is the colour the lettering will be.


There are a couple of photos to check out what this looks like above.

Your child’s name can be engraved in your choice of fonts.  Please chose one from any Document type programme.  Thin letters will not be as noticeable as the thicker ones.  Arial and Calibri are common ones that work very well but you can get funky too!  Tell us if you would like bold or in a particular font point size.

We will keep the file on record so you can cross out the previous years room and put a new one on with the font you used the first time.  Or you could put your telephone number on the back too.

Choose a font and figure how big you want the engraving and where on the Chrome Book to put it.  Tell us the length and this will scale the height with it.

You can also put an image on the Chromebook too.  It must be a line drawing type in one colour to enable engraving the image, preferably black.   This does cost more as there is a longer set up time and engraving time required.  We can supply a price for that separately.


We will supply a proof of the engraving to scale before you pay or commit to doing it.


Once accepted best way is drop off in the morning and pick up at the end of the day or even drop off at the end of the day and pick up in the morning.  Just depending on our work load we may be able to do it in ten minutes for you if you avoid the 11:00-3:30 pm time zone.


We will be donating some of the proceeds back to the school for much needed fund raising.  The more we can process the better it is for the school.  This price is a seriously discounted amount.


What is popular so far for engraving placement?

Centre of the lid where it opens so you read it when lifting the lid.

Also on the left side.

And in the lower left corner.

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web fonts copy

So you are wondering how to order your stamp.


What about the details how do I tell you?

On each stamp page there are parts to tell us what you need and also be able to attach a file of something.


How do I describe to you what I need?

There is a ‘Custom Text’ box.

You can type away in there with the text you need, and notes if you feel like it.


Then there is also a ‘Questions, notes, comments’ box.  This is where you can describe just what you need, just make the box bigger by dragging the bottom corner if you need it.


But I have trouble describing it?

Sketch it on a piece of paper and scan that and send it to us, a pdf file is really good.

If you have designed it on a programme send the file by using the ‘Add a file here’ box.  We use vector files in CorelDraw for our production and pdf files import into that really well on the whole and then we can even trace over your current stamp.


I have a stamp and I want a new one just like it.

If we produced this stamp for you then we usually have the proof on file.

Or if it is one you have from someone else stamp it on some paper, scan it and send it to us.

We can import that, get the size and trace over it to get a really close match.  Then if you need any changes we can use that information to get the new part close to what you have already.


I have a different font can you do that one?

We have a large number of fonts in our system.  But not every one.

Put ‘Other’ in the ‘font’ menu box and then in the notes write the name of the font.

If you have one we don’t you could supply it to us and we could create your stamp with it.

Some fonts don’t suit stamps especially ones like Times New Roman as the thin side of the letter doesn’t mark as well as the thick side.  The really fancy script fonts can be the same with thin swirls off the letters being too thin to clearly mark the paper in a stamp.  This is even worse the smaller the font gets as the skinny side can disappear.


What about really small fonts?

The smaller the font the harder to get a nice clear letter.

Once they get down to 7 point there are issues.

At 6.5 point they regularly blob in the hooped letters.  What does that mean?  The centre of the hooped parts are solid ink as the ink creates a bubble over these areas when small and then makes a solid ink part on the paper.

Below this they quite often aren’t able to be read.


What about stamp stationery items like ink pads?

We stock the replacement ink pads for the stamps we sell.  To find the one you need use the “Search for Products” box at the top of the page by typing in the model number for your stamp and pressing enter.  This will bring up all the options for that model of stamp and then choose your ink pad colour you need.  Self-Inking Stamps Ltd stock a good range of Trodat ink pads and Shiny ink pads.  Sometimes they might not be in stock for the more unusual ones, we can usually get these in overnight and get them on the courier quickly to you.

Some people use stationery stamps to make individual stationery for themselves or their business.  When your stamp runs out of ink or the image is very faint a replacement ink pad stationery item is quite often needed.  When you need a stamp ink pad just click here for replacement stamp ink pads.  Or if an ink pad for a hand stamp is what you need click here.


The more information you share with us the faster we can get to the image you need.


Don’t panic if you get confused, just ask us to help.  Once you have an order for something to us no matter whether you buy or not that is a good starting point and we can change the order to the exact stamp you need further along the process for you.


You can see a time line of the steps here.