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Best Before Date Stamp Freezer Bags

$151.83 GST Exc. $132.03

Use this stamp HERE for matt paper and cardboard or for plastic or smooth paper surfaces use this product HERE.


Why does your Best Before Date Stamp Freezer Bags and boxes need a different ink?

There is a problem with glossy paper/plastic/glass/metal and standard water based ink as the water based standard ink will take a very long time to dry, smear or wipe off.

There is an important change required that takes extra time and management.

To work with glossy paper/plastic/glass/metal we have to change to a different ink.  This is an extra and costs more. However for this product we have included for you the ink and the refresher here in the one price to save you time trying to find them in the website amongst the other inks.

With BEST BEFORE Date Stamp Freezer Bags you get a dry ink pad with the stamp.  Plus a bottle of ink which dries faster onto the surface, oh and in the stamp too. Plus a refresher to keep the ink fluid when necessary.  You add some ink into the pad when you receive it a bit at a time until when tested makes an even mark.  See below how to do that.

There is an issue that the solvents in the ink evaporates (dries out) from the pad, as the ink dries out not every part of the ink leaves the pad. The binding agents, dyestuff and other ingredients remain in the pad. So if you keep re-inking the pad using the special ink, you add the new ink to those remains. Over time this process changes the ink in the pad more and more. This will lead to a sticky problem.

To prevent it, Noris have created the refresher (solvent) for the ink. As the pad dries out or is already dry, please use the refresher first. It will add to the pad those missing liquid ingredients. Please use a few drops of refresher on the pad and then push the refresher in the pad using a small blunt object like a stick or pencil end. After this you can stamp again. Please note that over time the imprint will get weaker, as the refresher doesn’t add any colour (dyestuff or pigment) to the pad. So when the imprint gets to weak, use the normal ink again for re-inking. Afterwards the cycle begins anew.

Also it pays to remove the ink pad from the stamp. Replace the cap and store in an airtight container if not being used for more than two days at a time. Another way is wrap it in plastic cling film excluding as much air as possible.

Given time we have found the rubber die can stick to the ink pad a bit, sometimes ripping the rubber die off the stamp especially on the little ones.  The pad can also dry completely and no longer absorb ink, see above for the remedy.

We highly recommend using the refresher as well to keep the ink fluid.  This can also bring a pad back from dry and unusable to usable again if stamping infrequently.  If using infrequently and having no refresher on hand is risky. Have an insurance policy of having a spare dry pad for that occasion when you need to get some work done and a useless pad for the stamp.

How to add the ink into your Best Before stamp the first time.

Using the Noris 119FP in a Date Stamp Freezer Bags you have a dry ink pad (no Ink in it) then add some ink before using it in the stamp.  Click HERE to read how to change an ink pad in a stamp.

The ink bottle has a nozzle in the end for you to place drops of ink on the pad.

For the first time just place dabs/puddles of ink a little space apart across the entire area.  Then let it settle and disperse in the pad.  This might be 10 minutes or so. It should not look wet on the surface that is too much ink or it hasn’t soaked in enough yet.  If the colour across the surface is even then pop the pad in the stamp and test it on some spare paper.  If the stamped image is dark and even in colour it is good to go.  Also we find if you press the nozzle of the bottle (or blunt stick like a pencil) gently on to the surface of the pad and create a slight dent in the surface the area around the nozzle will look wet. Once the nozzle is taken off it will look dry like the rest of the surface this is enough ink.

If not, just add a little more to the pad.  The fuller the pad is the less ink needs to be added at a time.

Then wait for a little while and test again.

When you are satisfied with the ink in the stamp pad it is ready to use.

Once finished stamping and the stamp will not be used for a few days we recommend taking the ink pad out.  Some clients have commented that the pad if left in can stick to the rubber die of the stamp and wreak the stamp.

Placing the original cap back on and putting it in an airtight container or plastic bag with zip lock will reduce evaporation of this ink. Or use a zip lock bag or plastic cling wrap on the surface to exclude air.

Next time you go to use the Date Stamp Freezer Bags you will need to push on the surface of the ink pad again. Test how wet it is and maybe add a few drops of refresher before putting it in the stamp, testing and using it.  The way we know if it is wet enough is when pressing with the ink bottle nozzle (or blunt object like a stick or pencil) on the surface of the ink pad. If a wet look to the depressed area around where the pressure is applied then that indicates there is enough ink in there.

If the ink looks faded or light in colour add the ink to get the image darker.

Additional information

Dimensions 25 cm

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