Multi-Coloured Self-Inking Stamps

MULTI COLOUR IMPRESSION IMAGENow available in New Zealand! Create a great impression with these “Stars of the Rubber Stamp World”!

An individual, multi-coloured stamp impression is something special. It helps to set you off from the competition.

Your stamp impression can display colourful symbols or present your logo in these colours according to your Corporate Identity.

  • Select colours from our range of 16 inks
  • Emphasise your corporate identity
  • Save with our cost-effective, replaceable ink pads.

There are two rules

  • Multi-colour stamps must have a minimum of 2.5mm between each colour.
  • Any one colour must be at least 7 x 7mm


A different colour border is also not possible generally unless you have a huge space around the perimeter.  This can be achieved with a larger body of stamp than the image you require.


Want to see some examples of Multi-Coloured Self-Inking Stamps?

Click on the stamps shown below and in each one are some examples of stamps that have been made by Self-Inking stamps over the years.


See something that interests you but not sure if it will work for you?

Use the stamp body below that you think is good for for size and shape and put in the detail you would like and attach the file of your image and ask if it is possible.  You are not committed to buy, just requesting a proof and price off the order form.  No payment is required up front.  If it isn’t the right stamp for you we can easily change your order to the one that will suit you better.



Trodat Multi-coloured Self-inking Stamps

Trodat multi-colour bar chart

see the colours here

Click on the multi-colour stamp below to order your proof

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