How long does it take to make my rubber stamp?


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So the question we get asked a lot is

“How long does it take to make my rubber stamp?”



On average three working days from inquiry to stamping.


Does a hand stamp take the same time as Self-Inking Stamp?

Generally yes they do.  But sometimes testing the stamps reveals a detail we are not happy to let you have and the cycle is repeated to get it just right.  Sometimes the glue on the handle has not set enough for testing and packaging.


There are a few steps:

  • the proof
  • manufacture and payment
  • shipping


The Proof

All stamps have a proof made and sent to you and must be approved before we make them.

This may be simple or it may be complex depending on the image required.  Some images are proofed many times to get them just perfect and may go back and forth between Self-Inking Stamps and our client until every last fine detail is just what our client needs.  Text is easy and generally back same day but depends on work load.

When the work load is low like school holidays it has been known to be minutes.

Other days everyone wants a stamp and it can take 24 hours.

Timing is everything, get the right timing and its quick.

We will tell you if we are out of stock and have to order your product in, generally this is 24-48 hours.

Our target we use is to get your proof back to you no later than the next working day  morning.


Manufacture and payment.

Once you approve the proof it immediately enters the manufacturing process.

If the product is out of stock your order will have to wait for back-order which generally takes 24-48 hours.  We will let you know the status.  Also large orders will take longer to obtain stock and then to manufacture.

Sometimes the rubber die is being created in the laser engraving machine while a reply is being written sent to you and by the time you pay is already made.


When your proof is approved before 10:00am our target is to get that on the courier at 3:00pm that same day.  It can be a bit intense at times here and we may ignore the phone to ensure everyone is on deck and trying to achieve that target.

Depending on the days work load we still keep the process going.  We will ship as many as possible even after this time.  We have had inquiries made at 1:30pm and the order was shipped at 3:00pm.  Sometimes everything just happens to time perfectly and amazing ones like that happen, you never know your luck.


Our target is approve your proof before 10:00am and the order is ready to ship at 3:00pm.


Before we ship all orders must be paid for.

If that payment is too late to assemble and package and be ready for the courier it will miss that shipment.  The faster you pay the faster you get your stamp.  We have easy links when ordered via the website for internet banking and credits cards that tell us you have paid quickly for this reason and we can then release your order for assembly and you get your order faster.




Remember this – couriers are not perfect.  Only 90 something percent of the time they deliver on time.  If your parcel is urgent can you take that risk?

Our orders are shipped via Castle Parcels, Poste Haste and NZ Post New Zealand wide.  For international parcels we use FedEx and NZ Post.  All are track and trace so we know what is happening and they can show you.

Small parcels we put in next business day to an urban area bags like DLE, A5 & A4.  Auckland can be in cardboard boxes also next business day but we can get them in the morning pick up with questionable odds of being delivered in the afternoon, this is not always achieved however.


We regularly ship in the afternoon from Auckland and Invercargil can have them at 8:00am the next morning.  Specifically where you are and timing can make a big difference.

Larger orders go in cardboard boxes and usually the North Island receives these the next business day.  The South Island can take two days and more.

Rural delivery and outer areas can take longer due to the couriers and rural delivery people and the time of connections there.  Add no less than one extra but generally two extra days.

Some urban areas are able to have Saturday delivery for an extra fee.


On AVERAGE the orders are delivered the next day.


How long does it take for me to have my rubber stamp?

The final answer is 3 working days ON AVERAGE.

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